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Joschua Wüthrich und Alexander Spiridonov


Hopping on asteroids – the next leap in space robotics?

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Revolutionizing space robotics – that’s what a Swiss team of ten students is doing. Two of the team members, Alexander Spiridonov and Joschua Wüthrich, elaborate on their vision and innovative approach to make asteroids more accessible. They take you on a journey through space and show you what’s possible with today’s technology. Among other things they give insights on how artificial intelligence helps to approach unknown environments.


Joschua Wüthrich is currently in the last year of his bachelor studies in mechanical engineering at ETH Zürich. He has a huge fascination for technological systems and how one can model, control, and optimize them. He likes sitting in front of complex problems and solving them by using an interdisciplinary approach combining all the different engineering disciplines. As a teaching assistant in control systems I and II he enjoys passing on his knowledge to other students.

He is part of the modeling and control team in the SpaceHopper project at ETH Zürich, where a hopping robot for asteroid exploration is being developed.

Initially inspired by NASA’s Mars rover missions, Alexander Spiridonov had an early interest in everything related to space and science. Following this passion, at 21, he now studies Mechanical Engineering in his final bachelor semester at ETH Zürich. During his time there, he has led teaching assistant classes for courses ranging from Dynamics to Electrical Engineering. For the last two semesters, he has been involved in the Focus Project SpaceHopper. Here his roles are that of the System Engineer and in the Modeling and Control Team. Beyond that, he enjoys spending time in nature. Be that during hikes, skiing, or simply viewing the stars during a clear night.

Joschua Wüthrich und Alexander Spiridonov
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