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Evie Sedgwick


Body image - manipulation and mental health

Talk in English

Worried or insecure about your appearance? Media and brand obsession with promoting unhealthy body images? Dear Teens, you’re being manipulated - tricked into disliking who you are. The topic of body image is becoming more and more damaging to teenagers, exposed to unhealthy images and influences in the media and retail in a way that their parents never were. In this talk, Evie Sedgwick discusses the need for a change in how we approach body image and to shine a light on body neutrality. Speaking from experience, Evie explores the struggles teenagers have in a world where media and brands deliberately manipulate them, leading to unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression.


Evie Sedgwick, a British teenager living in Switzerland, is a student at the International School of Zug and Luzern. She has a great passion for activism, especially with body image struggles as well as women's rights and equality, and is willing to raise awareness and inclusivity.

Evie Sedgwick
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