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Georgy Lisitsin



How to survive in space

Über den Talk

Cosmonautics is the most advanced science of all mankind, the pinnacle of scientific and technological progress, the future of our planet and every human being. Unfortunately, there are difficulties on the way to the conquest of space, some of which end badly. The main of them is how to survive in the most dangerous and ruthless environments in the universe. As experience and time have shown, the answer to this question is more simple than most people think.


Georgy Lisitsin was born in 1992 in Moscow, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in aerospace engineering in spacecraft life support systems. After university, he worked at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and trained crews in case of emergencies before launching to the ISS. He successfully trained three international crews, worked as CAPCIM at Mission Control Center (Moscow), and trained Mission Control Center (Houston) employees at the NASA Center in Houston. Сompleted advanced training in the psychological and pedagogical aspects of cosmonaut training. In parallel, Georgy began to work at the Museum of Cosmonautics. Created educational programs for children and adults (quests, quizzes, etc). Also lectured online and for a live audience. In his free time he reads books, supports Arsenal London football club, loves travelling and brings up a son.

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